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28 DAYS  |  890€  |  SWEDEN

1st  – 28th of July 2019
(Arrival expected on June 30th and Departure expected on July 29th)

The Engelsberg Summer School in Classical Architecture is a four-week intensive programme taught by leading practitioners and academics of modern classical architecture. Practical and theoretical modules give participants both taught and hands-on experience, with opportunities for discussion, debate, and learning throughout. The combination of individual projects, group work, and one-to-one support from tutors provide a unique learning experience for students and practitioners of all levels of ability and experience.

The course offers an exceptional opportunity to learn from leading experts and a diverse range of fellow students. It is a forum for discussion and debate, a chance to develop and improve skills, and will challenge students to think critically and creatively as well as to produce designs that apply learnings and observations made throughout the course.


  • Lectures on the classical architectural Orders and their history, mythology, details, and application in design.
  • Students will be taught about the conventions of classical composition in architecture, as well as the different ways of using and adapting the Orders and their details.
  • Visiting speakers will deliver talks and encourage debate on controversial subjects associated with classical architecture such as modernity, technology, and symbolism.
  • Lectures in hands-on skills, measured and freehand drawing, three-dimensional modelling and hand-drawn architectural draughtsmanship.
  • Two design projects: one theoretical; the other based on real sites in the area that will be visited during the course.
  • Four days of the course will be held in Stockholm, where students will get to know the city and its highly influential early twentieth century classical architecture, known as ‘Swedish Grace’.


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