Application Form 1A

The letter of intent should be no longer than one page, and should express your interest in participating in the Engelsberg Summer School in Classical Architecture, as well as your background, your expectations for the course and your future prospects. Please send a PDF version of the letter with the rest of your application.

Although no previous architectural education is required for this course, students should be able to demonstrate some hand-drawing abilities, whether related to architecture, art, painting or other interests. Please send with your application up to five hand drawings, signed, dated and clearly referenced.

Please send a PDF with two references from relevant teachers, tutors or professionals who are able to judge your academic and professional performance up to date, your potential and suitability for the course. Please provide the details (email and phone number) of the referees as we might be contacting them regarding your application.

The Engelsberg Summer School in Classical Architecture is an intensive course centred on design projects which develop the skills of observation, design, critical thinking and representation, emphasizing the expression of design ideas through hand-drawing.

All students are required to have appropriate travel insurance coverage. Students are expected to be in good health on arrival sufficient to attend the course without disruption or absence. If a student requires routine medication, they must bring a supply which will last for the entire program.

Non-Swedish students must have a valid passport during their entire stay in Sweden. To the extent required, the student must obtain visa and any other permits required to visit Sweden. The student is advised to contact the relevant Swedish embassy to get information about applicable requirements.

Students agree to be bound by student conduct rules and other policies applied by Ax:son Johnson Foundation and INTBAU while enrolled in the programme. Inappropriate conduct includes for example illegal activity or behaviour that disrupts the learning environment or damages property of Ax:son Johnson Foundation and INTBAU or fellow students. Students in breach of this code of conduct will be expelled or suspended from the programme (and no refund will be issued).

Please read the Student Agreement. Link at the bottom of this page.

The price for the summer school is 890 Euros and the sum covers costs for tuition, accommodation, meals, and excursions for all 28 days of the course. Food is not covered for the Stockholm excursion. The payment should be sent to our account before 1st June 2020. Information about how to pay will be sent out after registration. The fee is non-refundable and it is suggested that insurance is obtained for cancellation. All necessary equipment will be provided but if students wish to bring their own preferred references or drafting and drawing equipment they may. A limited number partial bursaries are available on application subject to suitability for the course and clear evidence of demonstrable hardship. Please apply to Lauren Banks with appropriate evidence, references and a statement. An interview may be requested. The decision to award bursaries will be final.


I accept the student conduct rules, student agreement and other policies applied by the Ax:son Johnson Foundation and INTABU.