Paul du Mesnil du Buisson

Paul du Mesnil du Buisson is an architect based in Versailles France. Since living in Jakarta (Indonesia) when he was 22, Paul has always been interested in local know-how and materials used in vernacular architecture, adapted to the local climate and conditions; as well as the relation between buildings, the outdoor spaces created and the necessity to privilege a balanced density that doesn’t endanger the preservation of nature. He took part in different summer schools organized by The Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture, in France, Italy and Lebanon and was awarded a prize by the French academy in Madrid which allowed him to spend two years in Spain and research urban creation, in particular garden cities and the “linear city” by Arturo Soria y Mata. He also taught, in Roma, for one year, the third year students of architecture of Notre Dame University, project, drawing and watercolor. He then worked for ten years in his own architecture firm which enabled him to experiment his theories in real life, demonstrating that new vernacular architecture is not more expensive than the average building: restoring ruins, rebuilding hamlets, designing and building small garden cities, village or urban blocks… Always curious about building technics and history, Paul du Mesnil is also a civil engineer and a Heritage Architect specialized in the preservation of historical buildings. He is a graduate of the prestigious Ecole de Chaillot and now works as an expert for the preservation of the French Ministry of Armies built heritage.

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